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have always had a passion for technology and design since I was a little kid.  You could find me playing with legos, drawing, or trying to fix broken electronics (even though I had no idea what I was doing).  I loved designing elaborate Lego projects without instructions, drawing random doodles throughout my notebooks, and taking broken things apart and trying to figure out what wasn’t working. Though I didn’t succeed most of the time, I still enjoyed learning about what made things tick.  Back in high school, my interests in solving problems, technology and attempting to be creative led me to building my own computers supplemented by a few ceramics and arts classes here and there.

Today, I travel to different areas in the world and take in what they have to offer, hopefully leaving them a little better than I found it.  I work as a freelance developer creating and designing websites, apps, and programs.  In my free time, I enjoy hiking, cooking, bouldering, drinking too much coffee, coming up with new development projects, and trading crypto.

I’m a developer by trade and an explorer at heart.


Glenn Chon has been a fantastic programmer. Our job is a fast paced environment and Glenn exceeded our expectations very quickly. He is talented in .Net (C# & VB), Javascript, SQL and a motivated developer.

Gerry Litwin

Senior Application Developer, Delaware Valley Insurance Trust

I have known Glenn for over 20 years. In that time, he has repeatedly demonstrated himself to be reliable, innovative, and industrious on numerous occasions…

I’ve had the pleasure of watching him dedicate himself to completing a task and not giving up until he has been successful. Over the years I’ve seen him take on countless innovative projects, with scopes and challenges that would cause most people to give up and move on to easier hobbies; but not Glenn. Once he starts on a project he will see it through, and oftentimes by using an approach that I wouldn’t even have imagined.

Glenn’s commitment to finishing what is started doesn’t stop with his own activities. There have been many occasions where his has been the voice that encourages me to keep trying, to look for different approaches when mine have failed. When he offers his word that he will help finish something, or be somewhere, you can trust that he will follow through.

Although I’ve never had the opportunity to engage professionally with Glenn, I am more than confident that the personality and creativity that make him successful in his personal endeavors also extend to the workplace, where he can bring a fresh outlook and energy towards conquering the most difficult obstacles.

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Colton Bower

Scientist, Merck & Co.

Glenn has been a great person to have in class with us. He was always willing to share his knowledge and experiences. He was always extremely thorough when conducting research and presenting it to the class. I would recommend Glenn for any technical position that you would need.

Matthew Woodburn

Application Specialist, CNH Industrial

Currently Working On

Sauce recipe database

In Development

Throughout my travels I’ve noticed a lot of countries have many sauces that aren’t well known outside of the country itself. As a hobbyist home cook and developer, it was only natural I make a recipe database website to have people share and learn more about these sauces.

When visiting the site, you may have to refresh the first time because it takes the heroku servers time to spin up since I’m using their on demand free tier.

Sauce Nerd is built using MongoDB, Express, React, and Node. Mongo is run on a mongodb cluster through the Mongo website, The front end and backend api are both run on separate app servers through Heroku.

Glenn Chon

Glenn Chon


Passionate Developer
Technology Enthusiast